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Wully Outerwear is a premium lifestyle brand synonymous with quality, warmth and style. As we strive to make the best jackets available worldwide, we create them with the goal of maximizing positive social impact along the way. Whether it’s creating employment opportunities in underserved communities, reducing our ecological impact or saving the lives of animals – each decision is carefully and deliberately made with the same dedication and detail we put into the design of our jackets. In the end, our goal is to deliver a product that will keep you feeling warm, both inside and out.  


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Founders Story

The founders James Yurichuk and Anthony DeBartolo first met in 1992 playing hockey in Bramalea, Ontario. They have been best friends since that time so it was natural when James approached Anthony with the idea of Wully Outerwear at a Toronto bar in 2012. James and Anthony both brought with them unique backgrounds as a Professional Football Player and Custom Tailor, respectively. 


James background as a professional football player taught him great leadership skills as he served as Captain for many years. This has translated into James leading the Wully team to be motivated beyond the products but also the cause. Anthony’s experience as a tailor is immeasurable when it comes to providing the cut and fit we deliver with each garment. Anthony’s hands on experience with customers has led to our philosophy of treating each customer as if they're a friend. 


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Social Impact

When it comes to the process of producing each one of our garments, we do our best to create positive social impact along the way. The first of this is ensuring that there are no animals used or exploited throughout the entire production process. We share proceeds from our profits to support animal charities. The conservation and respect of animals is always at the forefront of Wully’s mission. That is why we partner and support great animal initiatives around the world. 


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At Wully we are committed to creating a winter garment that will last you many winters to come. With a design team that is based in the fashion hub of downtown Toronto, our styles are inspired by a progressive and timeless vision in mind. 


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Our policy is transparency – we proudly make all of our products in Canada and celebrate the village, town or city they are made in. Beyond the quality and fair labour practices that come with a made in Canada product, it is also important to have our garments crafted by people familiar with the elements and durability needed to survive a harsh winter.


For our flagship and most complex product: our jackets, we choose to have them made in Toronto. Our team overlooks the manufacturing process first hand and are able to monitor each cut, fold and stitch from start to finish. This is to ensure that there is the highest level of quality and craftsmanship delivered with each garment. 


With over 25 materials in each jacket, the construction of each piece is made in an arduously long process that allows us to give the proper care and attention to every detail. 


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